Why RENT Your Power,

When You Can OWN It?

You Own Your Own Home, Now Own Your Own Power!

Ohio homeowners who are fed up with rising energy costs are starting to take advantage of new government savings programs.  There are time limits on tax credits, so schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today to learn more.


  • You do not control the price you pay to the utility company
  • You are exposed to inflation
  • What you pay monthly is gone forever
  • Your payments never end
  • The lifetime cost of your monthly payments are wasted


  • Zero out your power bill
  • Fixed cost, never increases
  • $0 down, option for no payments for 18 months
  • Monthly payments less than your current utility bill
  • You decide when you want to pay off your power system
  • What you pay builds equity
  • Increase your property value
  • If you sell your home, your power system transfers to the new owners

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Be the first in your neighborhood to work with our team to zero-out your electric bill and become a model home.  You have the opportunity to receive referral checks ranging from $500 to $1500 per qualifying homeowner in your neighborhood.  To be eligible:

  • Work with our team to zero-out your electric bill by leveraging net-metering.
  • Agree to have a sign in your front yard about the net-metering program.  Anyone who contacts us via your sign is your referral.
  • If a homeowner in your neighborhood wants to speak with someone about their experience with the net-metering program and/or working with our team, agree to speak with them at your convenience.

That's it!  The amount of referral checks you have the opportunity to receive is only limited by the number of homes in your neighborhood.  Most homeowners are not aware of what net-metering is and how to take advantage of the program.  Help us to get the word out and you can create a great opportunity for yourself.  We'd rather pay you than to pay for ads and marketing.

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What is net metering anyway?

Utility customers that produce their own electricity can receive credits on their electric utility bills for any extra electricity produced by the customer that flows back into the electric utility's distribution system.  This billing arrangement is called Net Metering.

By generating your own electricity, you may reduce your electric bill in two ways:

  • Since you are producing your own electricity, it now displaces the electricity you would otherwise have purchased from the electric utility or from a competitive supplier; and
  • The electricity your generating system feeds back into the electric utility's distribution system lowers your electricity bill.

How does net metering really work?

Your generating equipment must be interconnected to the local electric utility's distribution system, if you want a net metering billing arrangement.  You'll need an advanced meter capable of registering the flow of electricity in each direction.  The electricity flows backward through the advanced meter on your property, whenever your generating equipment produces more electricity than you need personally.  This makes your advanced meter turn in reverse. You lower your electric bill in the form of a bill credit.  Because, the reverse metering is "netted" against your total energy usage for the month.

What happens to your credits?

You can offset charges in future months with the net metering credits.  Your credits will continuously carry forward on future bills.  If you relocate or stop taking service from the electric company, your credits may be lost since they are associated with your current premise.

Are you interested in producing your own electricity?

Make an informed decision.  There is ton of information on the internet and much of it can be confusing and even contradictory.  Take advantage of your complimentary consultation to learn more and to get your questions answered.

If you meet the following criteria, Ohio’s net metering rules allow you to produce your own electricity:

  • Your generating equipment for producing electricity must be intended primarily to offset part or all of your own electricity requirements (up to 120%).
  • Acceptable generation resources include solar and other renewable sources of energy.
  • Your generating equipment must be located on your own premises; and
  • Your generating equipment must be interconnected to the electric utility’s distribution system.

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